California native and Ecosa Institute alumni Jesse (Froelich) Savou, ARCSA A.P., thinks everyone should be able to harvest rainwater, so she created the BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System (TM) that helps people to do just that.

Bitten by the Green Bug

Once Jesse was “bitten by the green bug” she set aside her Stanford degrees in Linguistics and Spanish and left her corporate career to pursue her new passion – making the world a better place through sustainable design. This led Jesse to Ecosa where the semester intensive program was “just the right fit for me.”

New to the field of sustainability, but not ready to re-enroll in a completely new undergraduate program, Jesse found just what she was looking for at Ecosa – a “whole palette of sustainable design techniques.” This holistic and experiential approach gave Jesse a solid foundation for her Master’s degree in Ecological Design from the Conway School in Massachusetts.

Rainwater Catchment

An AmeriCorps project in 2010 became Jesse’s prototype for the Blue Barrel system, which she then tested and adjusted at her home. Today, the BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment System (TM) offers homeowners and businesses a low-cost, flexible and reliable way to harvest rainwater using re-purposed barrels.  BlueBarrel’s DIY RainKit (TM) is available nationwide, providing the tools, materials and know-how for installation at homes, schools or farms.

With professional accreditation from ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association) and certification as a Permaculture Designer, Jesse understands rainwater harvesting as one of many measures to bring our households into balance with the earth’s capacity to thrive.

Her contribution to this cause is admirable – thanks, Jesse!


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