Eco Machine

Biological Treatment System for Arts Center

Two Ecosa Institute Alumni, Jeffrey Frisch and Shann Aharon, completed a design to install an eco-machine waste treatment system for a new Arts center in Prescott, AZ. Their collaboration produced both a full report and poster board describing their concept.

Milagro Arts Center is housed in a historic downtown building which underwent extensive renovations. The tight urban location challenged the students to integrate the eco-machine into the site and the building design. Their success enables Milagro to pre-treat water prior to discharge using purely biological processes.

living machineThe client was very satisfied with the work and said, “Both Jeff and Shann understood our vision, needs, and limited space and worked to find the best possible solution for our particular facility.” Milagro Arts Center intends to implement the design in the future.

The concept of eco-machines or living machines was created and developed by Dr. John Todd and has been used extensively throughout the world. This report and poster very simply describe how these systems are designed and operate and could be used as a primer on eco-machine design.

The poster is a summary of the 30-page report which included plans and calculations providing solid data for the design. Jeff and Shann’s eco-machine design was a senior project for their Prescott College environmental studies degrees and reflected the level of learning and guidance they received from Ecosa Institute.

For a PDF version. EcoMachinePoster_Shann_Jeff.pdf

For the full report. MilagroArtsEcoMachineReportFinal.pdf

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