PRESS RELEASE: November 4, 2016, Prescott, AZ
Trip Leader Turned Trip Taker has New Campus, New Students as Goal

By MA Neff – For the last sixteen years, Antony Brown’s road trips have led hundreds of students along cactus-strewn highways, through twists and turns of southwest landmarks, all for the sake of promoting the benefits of ecological design when it comes to sustainability. So he was quite unprepared to return from a Los Angeles art museum road trip ‒ which he hadn’t led ‒ to learn that an anonymous donation of $10,000 had been motivated by a random conversation in Los Angeles.

An architect himself, his unwavering goal for Ecosa Institute has been to guide students to see the big picture by recognizing and harnessing the power of design through an ecological lens to solve complex problems of the 21st century like climate change, native species extinction, loss of habitat and urban sprawl.

The check came with the intention that “Tony Brown be recognized for his inspirational work and encouraged to continue with his exciting ventures,” the donor said.

Brown’s foremost venture these days is planning for the new campus that is to be built on the 65-acre parcel in the Granite Dells that Ecosa was able to purchase last year with a previous donation of $4 million.

“The funds were used for the land and to begin initial drawings of the new building,” Brown said. “But we also want to let people know that we are currently offering two new programs and during the end of the year gifting season we encourage those who are ecological design-minded to consider gifting a semester to a student.”

Carol Chamberlain, regional director of Arizona Community Foundation of Yavapai County, the nonprofit that manages Ecosa’s endowment fund, wrote to Brown saying his “fine work over the years has certainly moved many people to join [his] efforts and has improved our community immeasurably.”

About ECOSA Institute

Since 2000, young professionals and promising design students have taken part in one-of-a-kind programs showing what it means to integrate human aspirations and nature’s systems with the help of the greatest designer of all – nature. The backdrop for this program is Prescott, Arizona, a central Arizona mountain town surrounded by diverse landscapes and ecosystems. The program’s original goal of bringing innovative ecological design thinking and an interdisciplinary approach to design education has not changed, yet Founder Tony Brown manages to keep the program on the cutting edge of ecological design thinking. Currently, Ecosa offers both a four-month semester Ecological Design Certificate and a 10-day Sustainable Southwest Road Trip.



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