Hernreich To Drive Organizations Goals For Fundraising And Support Innovative Tuition-Free Education Program


PRESCOTT, AZ – June 6, 2017 – Ecosa Institute, the leader in Ecological Design education, today announces the appointment of new Executive Director, Jessica Hernreich. As Executive Director, Hernreich will lead goals for fundraising and support the organization’s latest innovative program offering tuition-free education to students at its Prescott, AZ campus.

As Executive Director of Ecosa Institute, Hernreich brings extensive expertise and education in sustainable design and engineering as well as experience as an instructor in permaculture design at both Ecosa and Prescott College. A graduate of Columbia University in the City of New York and The New School, Hernreich is a leader in sustainable resource management, engineering, and environmental policy.

“Sustainability is baseline. It implies that systems merely sustain themselves. At Ecosa, we are designing fully integrated living systems that go beyond sustainability to create and redistribute surplus.” said Hernreich.

As higher education has become fundamentally unattainable for a large sector of the American population, Ecosa Institute is offering a radically effective solution by providing 14 prospective students with tuition to its ecological design certificate program (EDCP). The value of the 15-week semester is $12,000 for each participant.

Founded in 1996 by Tony Brown, Ecosa Institute brings innovative ecological design thinking and an interdisciplinary approach to design education. The organization’s intent is to educate designers who can integrate human aspirations and natural systems by utilizing the design principles of nature itself.

Ecosa believes that such critical knowledge should be free to committed students and should replace the current financial aid system that saddles students with massive loan debt. “We want to reach students whose commitment to the environment is unwavering, have the ability to think critically, and perform in-depth research. The goal is to find students, regardless of income, who are most likely to create positive change in the world,” said Tony Brown, founder of Ecosa Institute.

As Executive Director, Hernreich will be responsible for the Institute’s fundraising goals to support the tuition-free program and other Ecosa initiatives, including a plan to build a world-class campus on 63 acres owned by the organization located in the Granite Dells outside of Prescott, Arizona. Designed by founder Tony Brown, the Ecosa Institute’s planned campus would fully integrate and demonstrate ecological design principles and provide a unique educational environment for students in the tuition-free program.


About Ecosa Institute:

The mission of Ecosa Institute is to restore health to the natural environment, and thus the human environment, through education in design and ecology. Our vision is of a world that blends the ethical values and ecological patterns, which are essential to the health of the world, with the vitality and dynamism of the design arts. Founded in 1996, by Tony Brown, Ecosa Institute has a goal of bringing innovative ecological design thinking and an interdisciplinary approach to design education. In 2017, the organization launched a revolutionary program to provide tuition-free education to students at their campus in Prescott, AZ.


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