How to be an Ecological Designer

How to be an Ecological Designer

An E-Book by Ecosa Institute Founder, Antony Brown

What is ecological design? Ecological design goes beyond the vague notions of sustainability and charts a path towards a healthy balance between man and nature that is measured in ecological and social health. In this E-Book we’ve compiled an overview of the skills and concepts that we believe, after 16 years of work in Ecological Design, are required to begin to understand the complexities of an ecological solution to the many crises we face. To rise to these challenges requires a complete rethinking of what is considered standard practice. We need to see the world in a different way. These brief suggestions of what it takes to be an ecological designer are only the beginning of a study that continues today in our Ecological Design Certificate Program. We work to determine how design can bring about more holistic solutions by using nature’s underlying structures to re-vision the world .

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How to be an Ecological Designer
by Ecosa Institute Founder, Antony Brown

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Learn More About Ecological Design

darcy in dubaiThis e-book is only an introduction to the many skills and ideas we teach students about in our programs. If you would like to learn more about ecological design, whole systems thinking and designing with nature, we invite you to consider enrolling in our semester-long Ecological Design Certificate Program.

Here’s what one of our alumni recently wrote us about our program:

“I’m building a light clay house this year and am seeking petal certification under the Living Building Challenge. I just thought I’d let Ecosa Institute know that I would not be able to do this without the education I received at Ecosa Institute a decade ago.”

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