Donate to Support Ecosa's Free Semester!

We have taken the leap and committed to a new way of funding education.


In our vision, there is a growing group of people who see the importance of paying their gift of education forward: alumni who benefitted from the Ecosa experience, companies with a vested interest in employees who have a holistic, sustainable, collaborative and solution-focused approach, current students endowing the future and individuals wanting to make a difference in our world.

“Our goal is to find students who are most likely to create positive change in the world, regardless of their ability to pay.”

-Tony Brown, Ecosa Founder and Program Director

Why Should I Donate?

  • To ensure that Ecosa continues to provide its important education and perspectives on the challenges and solutions of the 21st century.
  • To enable the attendance of enthusiastic students who are eager to learn but unable to pay.
  • To shrink the burden of student loan debt for our participants.
  • To show your support of the pay-it-forward concept of education funding and Senator Bernie Sanders’ idea that “education should be a right, not a privilege.”

How is Ecosa Making a Difference in the World?

  • Through its 350+ alumni and their relevant actions in their own communities.
  • By offering a unique perspective on design as a change agent.
  • By providing thought leadership and guidance to students who struggle with today’s issues.
  • By forming partnerships with like organizations and institutions in order to spread the word on the importance of ecological design.
  • By practicing what it preaches as it builds a totally self-contained Living Building on 65 acres of unique ecological habitat in Prescott’s Granite Dells.

“I had put off applying due to the financial worry it would have brought into my life, with no income and paying for living and school. Free semester tuition is the most incredible opportunity . . . I’m actually teared up.”

-One happy applicant

How much money does Ecosa need? 

We need $300,000 per year to cover program planning and delivery, Thread Weaver and special speaker pay, and field trip expenses. We welcome donations at any level. The amounts listed below are certainly not the only amounts we will accept. No donation will be turned away, and every donation means so much to students and staff.

Where will my money go?

Your money will go directly to the support of our Ecological Design Certificate Program, meaning books, computer hardware and software, drafting and office supplies, wages, salaries and taxes, studio rental, insurance, travel costs like gas, food and entry fees, needed equipment and supplies as well as marketing, printing and video production costs.

Give the Gift of a Semester

We currently offer two ways to gift.

1. Complete the form below to make a direct donation.


2. Give When You Shop Online

Visit the Giving Assistant and Amazon Smile for more information.

Thank you for your support. You make our work possible.

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