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We have taken the leap and committed to a new way of funding education.


If you believe the way we fund education in America makes no sense, help us prove it by paying it forward. If we can prove that people not only support free tuition but are also willing to help pay for it, we can change the way America funds the education of its future citizens.

Two-thirds of Americans support the idea of free education; we are asking you to go beyond answering polls and take action. We are asking you to donate to the future of our country.

In the past, society as a whole supported education through taxes. K-12 education was free to all students and higher education was virtually free, especially to in-state students. Now, education in general is struggling to find the money for textbooks and classroom supplies while higher education continually raises tuition, putting a greater burden on students and increasing their debt.

“Our goal is to find students who are most likely to create positive change in the world, regardless of their ability to pay,” Tony Brown, Ecosa Founder and Program Director


“I had put off applying due to the financial worry it would have brought into my life, with no income and paying for living and school. Free semester tuition is the most incredible opportunity . . . I’m actually teared up,” one happy applicant.

Ecosa has made the commitment to bring back free education, but now we need to raise the money to pay for it: expenses for the semesters total $250,000 per year.

In our vision, there is a growing group of people who see the importance of paying their gift of education forward: alumni who benefitted from the Ecosa experience, companies with a vested interest in employees who have a holistic, sustainable, collaborative and solution-focused approach, current students endowing the future and individuals wanting to make a difference in our world.

If you want to support free education, now is your opportunity. Please donate generously to help needy students and tell America it is time to change.


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