What's New
for Spring 2021


What is ECOSA?

A Prescott College program that studies design thinking and the “art” of design in relation to ecology, architecture, and systems. ECOSA reaches beyond sustainability to the level of regenerative design, developing change agents who work collaboratively and critically to find practical answers to the challenges we face with climate change, energy, and the new green economy, to name a few.

ECOSA founder Tony Brown believes that the education of our future leaders does not hinge on a specialized subject, but instead demands a whole systems view of all the inter-connected parts: art, design and technical design skills; the impacts of culture and community; urban planning; architecture, interior architecture and alternative building methods; biomimicry, permaculture, and the natural world and ecologies; and the roles of technology, communication, and presentation.

Originally presented as a stand-alone 16-week immersion into Regenerative Ecological Design, ECOSA at Prescott College has broadened its reach to include an array of Block classes. Check out

What Our Students Are Saying 

"As an architecture student, my experience at ECOSA enriched my entire lifestyle by nurturing a more holistic approach to thinking and designing. I’m proud to say it’s the best experience I have had in education. The hands-on study/projects with real clients show how education should be, and all the guests were unbelievable.”

"A whole new perspective on the world! I have a clearer understanding of the systems at work in our society today and the greater implications of all the variables at hand. I have gained more awareness of the complexities of the global challenges facing us today and for the first time, I now feel empowered to be able to tackle these problems and come up with possible solutions. The course was definitely a catalyst for my life and has impacted choices in my daily life as well as my career. ”  

A leading program for sustainable and regenerative design.