Spring 2022 ECOSA Classes
at Prescott College

The World Needs Redesigning: Shape Your Future
Create the World You Want to See

Psychology of Spaces: How the Places We Inhabit Affect Our Lives

We spend 95% of our time in buildings. How does the shape of a room affect our mood? How should a classroom be designed for maximum learning? Which strategies alleviate stress in buildings, in streets, in cities? Discover the invisible forces affecting our health.


Creating A Sustainable World: Strategies For A Positive Future

If we can’t envision the future we can’t create the strategies to take us there. Positive visions are vital to countering the many dystopian visions permeating media. Come and vision the future you want to see and become a changemaker.

Design Studio

Resilience, Planning And Ecology In A Changing World

Change is the only constant in the universe. How do we acknowledge and celebrate change? We can create a dynamic, resilient world using knowledge from the natural world? Biophilia, biomimicry, and regenerative design are just a few of the tools we can use to create a more resilient future. 

Photo credit: Archi0780 (click photo for more information).

The Shape Of The City: Ecology, Psychology And Visioning The Future

By 2025 humanity will become an urban species. 75% of the global population will live in cities. What proposals are being made to transform our urban environments? Can we create equitable, just, inclusive cities while we solve homelessness, gentrification, income inequality and the greater threat of the climate crisis. Learn how we might shape exciting, vibrant cities of the future.

Discover how design can impact our lives.